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AAT Level 3 Diploma

AAT Level 3 Diploma Course | Barnsley | Rotherham | Doncaster | South Yorkshire | Sheffield

Course description

This course is ideal for someone who works in an accounts role who wishes to gain recognition for their skills or for someone who is progressing up through the AAT suite of qualifications and has achieved the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting.

Course structure

This is a part time course, delivered as either one day per week (5 hours) or one evening per week (3 hours).  The duration of the course is dependent upon the method of study, however it is anticipated to last between 9 and 12 months.

The course covers:

  •    Financial accounts preparation
  •    Costs and revenues
  •    Spreadsheets
  •    Indirect tax (VAT)
  •    Professional ethics

The AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting course can be studied various ways including:

  •      Part time classroom course
  •    Flexible learning (a combination of a reduced level of classroom learning and focus days)
  •    Onsite at your place of work if there are a number of people participating in the course.  Terms and conditions apply.


Each unit is assessed by an AAT computer based test or assessment which are held throughout the duration of your course at Wise Owl Training Limited premises. 

Entry requirements

To join the course at Level 3, students need to have achieved the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting or a qualification to the same level (for example A Level Accounting).  Alternatively students can enter direct at Level 3 based on previous work experience.  To be able to assess your entry level, please view the Skill check which can be found on the AAT website (  This is a short 15 – 20 minutes online quiz which will assess your current level of knowledge at the end of which, a level of entry will be recommended.  This would be discussed with you during an interview prior to acceptance at Level 3.

Membership requirements:

Please note to work towards AAT qualifications, individuals are required to become student members with the AAT, for which there are membership criteria.  Full details of this will be available to you as part of the course information.

Cost and next start date:  Contact us for pricing details.  Courses start throughout the year.  Please contact us for the next available date.