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All our modules are available as distance learning modules.  Each week we will provide you with course materials via email to work through with a piece of work due for submission after you have completed the material.  You should email your tutor your completed work for marking and feedback will be provided within 48 hours of submission.  Practice exam papers will be provided and a marking service offered as part of the fee.


Email support will be available along with dedicated times for telephone support.  Email is the preferred method as this fits in around each individual's work and personal life and with the availability of emails via mobile technology, however if you prefer a telephone contact, this is arranged.  Each week, available telephone times will be emailed out to people and bookings for slots will be made to discuss any elements of the coursework.


Prior to the exam, an optional revision day will be available on a weekend, where there will be a refresher on key topics as well as the ability to work through an exam paper with your tutor.  This will be included in the price per module.


Contact us for the next available start date and costs.


Details of the modules per level can be found on our CIMA classroom page.