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CIMA Strategic Level Accounting

CIMA Strategic Level Accounting | Rotherham | Barnsley | Doncaster | South Yorkshire

CIMA Strategic Level Accounting


This course is ideal for those who have completed the Operational Level and Managerial Level of the CIMA qualifications.


The Strategic Level subjects include:

• Enterprise Strategy
• Performance Strategy
• Financial Strategy

Upon successful completion of the above subjects, students then undertake an Integrated Case Study,




Each subject is assessed externally by a computer based exam which are on demand and can be taken at a time to suit the student, with the exception of the case study assessment which is available four times a year.  Please see the CIMA website for more details of exam centres. 


Course structure


Each module is delivered on one evening per week for approximately 16 weeks prior to the exam sitting.


Entry requirements


To join the Strategic Level of CIMA, students need to have achieved the CIMA Operational Level and CIMA Managerial Level and have current CIMA membership in place.


Course progression route


Upon successful completion of the three Strategic Level papers students will be eligible to attempt the CIMA test of professional competence in management accounting. Completion of this element will provide distinguished membership of CIMA.