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CIMA Professional Competence

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CIMA Professional Competence Level 


This course is ideal for those who have completed the Operational Level and Managerial Level of the CIMA qualifications.


The Professional Competence Level is made up of two components which can be taken in any order and include:

• Work based practical experience (completed by the student compiling evidence of work experience in core and supplementary areas over a three year period)

• Case study exam




The case study exam is assessed externally by a computer based exam which is available four times a year.  Please see the CIMA website for more details of exam centres.


The exam is based on a case study set in a simulated business context of one or more fictional organisations. The context in the case material is based on a real business or industry. The questions will be based upon:

1. the preseen case study material, which will be published online at least six weeks before the exam
2. further unseen material which will be given in the exam. This will allow further developments to be explained and additional issues to be raised.


Course structure


The case study module is delivered on one evening per week for approximately 10 weeks prior to the exam sitting.


Entry requirements


To join the Professional Competence Level of CIMA, students need to have achieved the CIMA Operational Level and CIMA Managerial Level and have current CIMA membership in place.


Course progression route


Completion of the Professional Competence Level (both elements) will provide distinguished membership of CIMA.